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Everyday Has A Glossy Sheen

well i fly with snakes and lizards
and other things that go hiss in the
light cos to me everyday is a glossy sheen
i have given up riding and started to write
i have started to write well any crime,
any mace, any jail that i go all the
people seem to drop and roll they say

'why are you dressed with a glossy sheen?
you look so absolved, you look so serene
o, why can't i find a wife for me?
why should i ride the caboose that's pulled?
why can't they just eat me it's
the same, it's the same in the world wide web

well i let their floating signs think that they're
dealing with someone who exceeds the brink and
i dress this way because I shop on ebay
cos glossy sheen is the only way it's the only way o,

why canít I get a knife for free?
why should i fake the remorse I say?
why can't they pay since they're just like me it's
the same, it's the same in the world wide web
o, why can't i live a life for free? why should i
take the chartreuse that's reserved? why can't they see
they're cheap and free i'm not the one that's
not returned why ride it?

why fly it? hurt feelings best to stop steeling
hurt from trials, reprisals it's the same it's the
same in the world wide web.

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