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5. According to the Chulupi social code, it would be coarse to call the penis by its name. Hence it is necessary to say: the nose.

10. "Actually . . . the only omnipresent of recurring political ideology within the avant-garde is the least political or the most anti-political of all: libertarianism and anarchism. . . . The individualistic moment is never absent from avant-gardism . . ." Poggioli, Op. cit., p. 97.

17. In another of those special advertising supplements designed to seduce Western capitalists untutored in the history of Middle Europe to sink millions of dollars into the region; see "Romania: Rebuilding the Nation," 1994.

19. On German neopaganism, see the article by Albert Beguin in the Revue des Deux-Mondes, 15 May 1935.

21. The "coming of the book" involved almost from the start books which made fun of naive and gullible readers.

24. It is well known that in traditional societies, the "home" designates both the house (the property) and the family (the genealogical body).

26. This is a reference to Mao's Hundred Flowers Campaign, of 1956: "Let hundred flowers blossom, let hundred schools contend!" Mao declared freedom to express opposing ideological and cultural viewpoints just long enough to ferret out his critics.

29. But I have been informed by scholars of Japan that recent excavations of the earliest royal tombs suggest strongly that the family may originally have been -- horrors! -- Korean. The Japanese government has strongly discouraged further research on these sites.

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