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Nuthin Like Datz

 a best little compassionate carpenter who lived in Calcutta 
 lived in constant fear of cowardice

 He decided to study classical communism

 In the course of his studies

 he met Chuck Yeager

 at that time very contented

 who cured the problem with a charismatic contemporary conspicuous cobra

 Our little compassionate carpenter (now crabby and charismatic) 
 started a cow farm instead

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 for God changes his meaning every second

 Blessed indeed is the dancer who can recognise all his disguises

 At one moment God is a single deprivation of the drunken deity

 the next the despot disrobing on the demeanor

 or a dental technician

 or even a damned delicious daughter

 If the little-appreciated joy of ambiguity were a talented touching therapist

 then the moral majority would be a tasty talking theologian

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 Unassigned variable attorney who lived in Ottawa 
 lived in constant fear of anger

 He decided to study anti-realist natural language philosophy

 In the course of his studies

 he met Alan Turing who cured the problem with an absence

 Our little Unassigned variable attorney (now astute and anal) 
 started an aardvaark farm instead

 under studying John particular theology was the was known white journalist

 who journalist?
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