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In this classic Italian presentation, Tim accidentally confuses his tasty teacher Betty's friend with Anthony, a brother. The only mystery is: What is Betty hiding from the internal revenue department? Fun for the whole family.

In this new reality show, Jill unexpectedly discovers that her tearful Zen Buddhist George already knows his lover, Gail. Meanwhile, newspaper reporters are suspicious about Jill's whereabouts. 2 stars.

In this well-known Italian presentation, Robert is surprised to learn that his ex-wife Alice has been dating her delicate mate, Sam. At the same time, some shady characters are suspicious about Alice's bank account. Gratuitous action sequences add little.

In this award-winning Canadian presentation, Robert suddenly proposes to Martha, only to find that she is not the well travelled professional that she has claimed to be. Meanwhile, Martha must try to deal with the addictions of her cousin, Gail. Gratuitous nudity adds little to this lacklustre work.

In this presentation, Winston unexpectedly discovers that his lawyer Betty has been accused of injuring her mate, Gary. At the same time, the police are asking questions about Betty's lavish lifestyle. Music by Elton John.

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