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You Must Be Ready To Work 3-4 Hours Per Week

I was born for this.

This is what I was meant to do.

3-4 hours?

ONLY 3-4?

I could do this all day.

I could do this every day.

Only 3-4 hours?

I was BORN to do this.

Do you hear me?


Born, baby.

Oh, yeah.

This is my calling.

This is like a totally cherry job.

I was born for this.

I am the man.

I will be your go-to guy on this.

I totally have this covered.

Am I am ready to work 3-4 hours a week?

You bet your ass.

You can totally bet your ass.

Go ahead and bet it.

Bet your ass.

Do it.

Bet it, asshole.

Do you hear me?

Are you hearing me?

Am I just talking to myself here?

I am just talking to myself here, aren't I?

You are totally not getting how totally perfect I am for this.

Are you?

Do you hear me?


Me, this job, for each other, PERFECT.

I am ready.

I am totally ready for this job.


I'm crumped, even.

And I don't even quite know what that is.

But I'm it.

You can bet on it.

You can bet your ass.

Your ASS, baby.



Uh huh.

You know it.

For sure.

Right on.

Full speed ahead.


Born for this.

Uh huh.

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