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At the root of all these problems are two matters –

Firstly, that it is possible to tame solitary dolphins and through this summer many people have gone out of their way to ‘make friends’ with these solitaries. Unfortunately, the tamed dolphins not only lose their natural fear of people but also come to look to humans for companionship and entertainment. This inevitably leads them into trouble.

Secondly, comes the issue of people behaving badly around the dolphins – for example crowding them in with several vessels, chasing them or even driving straight at them – and again the solitaries, which typically have small home ranges are very vulnerable to this.

We ask people now not to swim with them and not to go up close to them in any water vessels. It is also essential that they are not fed. The solitary dolphins can in most cases be watched from land and this is what we recommend.

If you do help to tame a dolphin, you are responsible for it’s fate!


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Basically, just chill people. People that like to watch movies, play Wii. That sort of thing.

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