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Why You Tryin Steal My Soul

Why you trying steal my soul?
Why you trying deal me raw?
Your butt kissin won't undo your months of idiot posts and flames
You're an idiot and no amount of brown nosing will change
any ones opinion of you now.
You are a pretty inept crawler too.
I am more qualified than you will ever be.
And I mentioned praising others [not you].

Tell me Guy - are you getting any hits on your
Yo ho ho and a merry Christmas

Praise or correction? Which do you prefer,
Antipodes? Make up your mind!
Honey, if you dig long enough, I am sure you will find that
George Washington loved you too.
Get some help - you will get none from me while you behave as you do.

It is obvious to me and others reading these posts
when somebody is making stupid childish remarks.
This forum is a place for intelligent debate - these are serious matters.
Have you tried Denny's new Super Slam Breakfast platters?
Anybody spoiling it for others is deserving of scorn.
Only a stupid kid or person working for authorities would do this.

Why you trying steal my soul?
Why you trying deal me raw?
You are the 1 needing help. You are dumb.
Merry Christmas and a bottle of rum

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Originally by The Cubicle of Ra.