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Spilling The Seed Of Love

lust and hams feeling there’s no days past, often about the attraction caring.

this drink of sex indoors, running water:

convenient by what end?

lust, it’s traditional, makes relationships like slaughtering animals, what does love make out of work, out of cow?

using ankles romantic love is as they kill their comfortable fantasizing about swine

do rush, don’t pulley to protect them.

feed the prepared intestines to another?

achilles tendon a teen

but why? hoist the animal pig, question, "How can feelings, the bacon and meat you don't know you are?"

fairly easy to sausage, if an instant chemistry slits inside you.

intestines have and tell of a physical nature - they want romance while you are about sex, the exception for air skin. Remove skin confusing with one concept scrape them. love?

 into the most freezing, days of lonely freezing
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