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A Rather Elementary Deduction

	I'm still not convinced
	I have at all distorted the statement 

	Indeed, everything
	Only convinces me of the rightness of my reading. 

	I might have better avoided talking about their intentions 
	and merely discussed
	the ideological positions that are suspended
	as it were, 
	within the text. 

	My deduction a rather elementary one
	I think.

	If I had it to write over again, 
	I would probably put in something 
	how problematic though it is

	Where I first set out some of these ideas
	I wrote the following:

	"sad non-communication"

	I like Jameson's account of utopia.
	I don't think I necessarily get a pass here. 
	I don't have all of the answers
	The answers I do have are likely to be wrong.

	As I said in the comments below
	I don't feel that this point is well-understood.

	This focus on distribution strikes me 
	as the kind of position that somebody like me
	is much more likely to take
	Trust me, no one will be happier than me

	Whether you think I'm right
	At least it matters to me
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