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What is The LubberNet MasterNode? The amoristic-piratic literary epicenter.

What is LubberNet?
LubberNet is a laboratory concerned primarily with the proliferation of highly
multifarious combinatoric mutations of love, piracy and fine literature. Right!?

How To Use LubberNet

wake up upon painted<br> oyster trash<br> your ceiling invisible<br> the sky and how passes<br> cry lonely in ugly town<br> vacant telephones<br> singing tiger skin<br>

The drain glowing state<br> in river fire<br> there's the breeze<br> all are off to see<br> appointments<br>

meal to call money<br> get blanket<br> the limitations floating<br> air real true things.<br> There's talk you're dream by<br>

a chain mail assembly salsa<br> that lovely oil can quill<br> what time will the roast be ready<br> a sumptuous load of gila monsters<br> in mint aspic with fresh mangoes chilled<br> turn off the phones we're about to eat<br>

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