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What is The LubberNet MasterNode? The amoristic-piratic literary epicenter.

What is LubberNet?
LubberNet is a laboratory concerned primarily with the proliferation of highly
multifarious combinatoric mutations of love, piracy and fine literature. Right!?

How To Use LubberNet

 And Particularly Describe your Time 

 see u bathing in your time
 we all reach out 4 something new
 That means u laughing I never wanted
 2 U say u from another Its time
 we all reach out 4 something new
 That means no mercy

 They caught him with a leader
 But you'll have to answer to Oh,
 the guns of friend Baby I never meant
 2 see u from another Its such a gun
 The money feels like it means

 u better close it
 And let me guide u
 better close it well

 But oh-the guns of your mind
 I could never steal u laughing
 in the trigger of Brixton sun
 The money feels good
 And your life
 you gonna go?

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