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William Baluosi

1943, Allen Ginsberg Baluosi just know, a whole big Baluosi his round. The 29-year-old he has rich experience. He was at Harvard doctorate in English, were once ethnic and anthropological research. Participated in the military too, did the bar waiter in Chicago, a private detective, and a thief sometimes conspirator.

In 1946, after the dissolution of a small circle, he emigrated with his mistress king McDonald Texas, where home to run the farm. He believes that the war has disappeared, the line between legal and criminal. In 1949, he was forced to emigrate to the open drug cultivation in Mexico. 1953, Baluosi according to their drug experiences to write "Beat" style of the novel "drug addicts" and began to cause the United States to the attention of the literary world.

1959, Baluosi wrote the "naked lunch. Original works and that the "extra-naked," Naked Lust price. Ginsberg reading the original, as a result of illegible handwriting too, misread figures for the "naked lunch," Naked Lunch. Speaking on the subject that "more bearable," on at the end. This novel is the story of the author roaming, drugs, sex and other experiences, which are described in full physical abuse, lewd down details. Some people think this is "a pile of nonsensical rubbish", "A Psychopathic the Dreamer." However, some people think that this is a "very profound moral content" and "eccentric genius for."

After nearly two years of controversy, this novel will be published in the United States in 1962 and subsequently translated into 16 languages published. Baluosi also famous.

Baluosi novels highly experimental, he has no plans, no preparation for creative, and sometimes use so-called "splicing", that is, he wrote them down, he will hand the newspapers, periodicals, books on the large body of text cut and disrupt order and re-assemble their own random Bridge works. He believes that the only way to "disrupt personal, social, political, the line between, and only the real things."

1964 published the novel "Star Search Express" Galaxy describing the various factions fighting for control of Earth and the universe, but not a complete story, but "the accumulation of a lot of weird Legend." Later novels published in the 1966 "soft machines" price, price "explosion of a train ticket," in 1967, using a mix of reality and fantasy practices, performance artists to the community disgust, the thread also very confusing.

Ginsburg Baluosi twilight major trouble playing in the performing arts sector, he and some American pop music singer, and produced many songs popular among young people loved to promote the popularization and development of the whole pop music. Baluosi old age also acted in movies, painting sold, and Nike sports shoes on television advertising, almost untouchable. Cyberpunk respect for the younger generation, he even rock music. By the rest of the world music industry people mad generation of admirers. Four months after the death of Allen Ginsberg, Baluosi heart attack, and passed away.

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