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Dear Asshole

Dear asshole. Stop discouraging my friend.

Dear the asshole who broke into my car: Thanks for taking advantage of the unlocked doors & not breaking any windows. That was nice of you.

Dear Asshole Neighbours, Fellow Residents of my formerly Tranquil & Bucolic Underworld, Your party last night put me in a very bad mood.

Dear Asshole,. So you think you're so smart stealing my credit card number, huh? Well, you're anything BUT smart.

Dear Asshole: You Will Not Ruin My Dinner Too

Dear Asshole, Do not make me and my people look like the idiots and have us re-do our work 2,3,4 times just because you were too stupid to communicate.

Dear Asshole, In Case You Haven't Heard, Women Are Human Beings.

Dear Asshole. You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht Your hat strategically dipped below one eye Your scarf it was apricot.

Dear Asshole Who Keyed My Car... The joke's on you, buddy, because apparently you don't realize that my car is a piece of shit.

Dear Asshole, Okay, we get it. we understand that you are not going to be boxed in to the conformist strictures put in place by being white.

Dear Asshole, Why does AFN insist on calling me chucklebutt. Why can't he call me chuckles like everyone else.

Dear ASSHOLE neighbor across the street from sis: You want to get mad at someone for calling animal control on your ass because one of your two HUGE ...

Dear ASSHOLE With The Asshole, I said I'm ANGRY in Attleboro, not an Asshole in Attleboro.

Dear Asshole in Attleboro, Who you calling asshole, ASSHOLE?

Dear asshole: Read the review again. Or, see the movie. Trust me, it's preposterous, *especially* In Light of Recent Events, as they say.

Dear asshole, wise moron, don't toy with me: Wish, wish Earth up to heaven, heaven down to hell; Hell a body of shameless pleasure, And hell is everywhere.

Dear Asshole: You're going straight to hell. Posted in Ethics, Tipping.

Dear Asshole Apparel, Thank you for being my friend. I am a Dutch treat and great with coffee or tea. Have you ever tried me?

Dear Asshole 8 Ball, You've ruined my life. I'll never love again because of your ill-conceived advice. Thanks so much for the misery.

Hi, I'm An Asshole! Dear Asshole,. I'm not sure what fantasy land you live in, but apparently in your world, Hummer Stretch Limos are no doubt an excellent ...

Dear Asshole. You still owe me fifteen pounds from lunch last month, and when I get out of hospital next week I'm gonna come over there and kick you until...

Dear Asshole. Contrary to what you think, I am not your subordinate. Nor do I work for you. You are a co-worker who NEEDS me to make your commission happen.

Dear asshole passenger,. I want to thank you for sticking your airline ticket in your mouth. I got that rare strain of pneumonia floating around Arizona.

Dear Asshole in the Car in Front of ME: it's called a TURN SIGNAL. USE IT! Also, when I beep at you because you're inexplicably stopped at A GREEN LIGHT.

my favorite music right now is jazz, funk, soul and bluesi want to go sledding but there's no snow -- dear asshole cold, please go away...

Dear Asshole, El inicio de la peste de la banda eres vos pobre pedazo de basura todav'a hecha la rica y no eres m's que una pestilencia mediocre ...

Dear Asshole,. I can't really remember being President, either. It. was a weird four years.

Dear Asshole. Mine is a first person account. Please read my post more closely.

Dear Evil Discussor... You're a total fucking asshole, aren't you? First of all, that's a statement. Followed by a question. Which is against the rules.

"Dear Asshole,. Like you hate Sony, we hate you for divulging our highly confidential holiday advertising strategy.

so to you my dear asshole go die

Dear asshole, you knew the exit was coming, you knew when the lane would end, you also knew that we were all sitting in the queue to take the exit.

Dear Random Asshole Driver on I-69, When you choose to drive like a complete asshole...

("Dear Asshole," he began in response to a letter labeling him "UnAmerican.")

Dear ASSHOLE: This is your LAST WARNING. You are HOGGING BANDWIDTH and wasting disk space. I will soon be writing a program...

Dear Asshole, Thank you for reminding us that we should never take holiday kindness for granted. Your method was quite good.

Dear Asshole, I was not meeting you in y office anyway,but in the lab. you suck. i feel sorry for your wife.

Dear Asshole,. Was it really necessary to egg my brand new car last night to celebrate your graduation or some other anticlimactic event?

Dear Asshole Boss - I am sorry you are short and don't know how to deal with it in a more constructive, less obvious Napoleanic way.

"Dear Asshole. "For along time I wondered but now I know just what you been up to. Yah and I knew it was her all along okay so dont think Im stupid

Dear Asshole, If I wanted your opinion, or thought that you were worth my time, I would have spoken to you. Shup up and fuck off. You are a waste of life.

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