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Minty was introduced as the unsympathetic landlord of Janine Butcher and Laura Beale. Laura asked Phil Mitchell to have a word with Minty about his frequent demands for rent but the two turned out to be old friends.

In November 2003, Phil was arrested for armed robbery and he asked Minty to look after his sister, Sam, who was in charge of Phil's various business interests. However, Minty was unable to stop Sam from falling into the clutches of Andy Hunter who wanted to bleed her dry. Minty tried on several occasions to stop Sam marrying Andy, even proposing to her himself, but to no avail. Even telling Sam's mum, Peggy, did no good as Andy twisted her around his little finger.

Sam stayed with Minty when Den tricked her into selling Phil's businesses and Andy evicted her from their house. Minty has since moved in with fellow mechanic Garry Hobbs in a flat across the Square, and was later joined by Naomi Julien and by Naomi's lesbian lover Sonia Fowler a few months after that. He and Garry also decided to give new arrival Carly Wicks a job in the Arches while Phil was in America.

When Kathy died and Ian brought his brother Ben to Walford from South Africa, Minty spoke to Ben about his father, Phil, and told him that Phil was all right really.

When Phil returned from America, he sacked Carly because Garry and Minty had made the decision without asking him. Minty spoke to Phil and he saw sense and gave Carly her job back. In early July 2006, Minty went on a motorbike ride without Garry or the new object of his affections, SJ Fletcher, after a big row between Garry and Minty which resulted in him dropping out. SJ thought they were rowing about her so she dropped out also. Minty returned on the day of Billy Mitchell's wedding to Honey Edwards, which failed (for the second time). SJ returned, so Minty told her that she could stay at the flat for as long as she wanted. Just days later, Garry and Naomi threw her out, saying she was a pain. This left Minty infuriated.

Minty has since continued to provide for SJ, paying her rent and constantly buying her drinks in The Queen Vic. On 2 October 2006, Minty realised that SJ was using him, and shouted at her in the Square. The following day, he was sacked from The Arches by Phil after making a jibe about the latter's alcoholic past.

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