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Egg Pizza

End of Month Egg on Pizza

A pizza that has an egg cooked on the top surface. 
I followed the cues and dressed this one up awefully pretty: 
red bell pepper, 
prosciutto strewn about, 
and chunks of zucchini, 
all on a dressing of garlic and olive oil. 
The pizzas are pulled out half way through cooking and the egg cracked on top, 
sprinkled with pepper and returned to the hot oven to cook through.  
We broke the yolk before tearing into our personal pizzas, 
its orange goodness running over the surface. 
Sweets initiated the yolk piercing move, with the added flare 
of holding the pizza verticle to help distribute its goodness 
across the whole pizza.  
Ahhh another item 
to add on to the listing of excellent ways to eat eggs. 
And to think I was contemplating 
going vegan -  sigh.

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