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Farts Are Great

Farting is great. I let out what I hoped would be a deep, machismo bellow, when I was standing at the urinals surrounded by other chaps

Almost 1000 gassy Aussies took part in the Great Fart Survey, and we’ve just finished crunching all that smelly data. The office is not a pretty sight!

Farts are great, somebody record theirsa and post them in this thread! I'll try to get some of my GF's sister's farts recorded

Farts are great. The best ones are the ones that make other people mad because they are so smelly. You know when you let one rip

I Fart, She Farts, He Farted, we are all farting!

King Fart, Thank you Suger. FartMaster, That was the funniest fart ever! the timing was terrific and the sound level was fab. great farting!

I Farted.Com - The Essential Guide to Farts, Farting, and Humor.

Farts are great!! I never knew that fats could be so cool and relaxing . Farts are not always a laughing matter (ok well most of the time)

Great Invention Idea? Cow Fart Monitor & More Bad News About Cows

Great article and although we laugh at the word "fart," the idea of harnessing cow farts should make some entrepreneur stand up and take notice

My girlfriend is great but she likes to farts in my face when I wake up in the morning? that's messed up rite?

My daughter thinks her farts are great. She will fart on the couch, stand up and smell where she had been sitting and farted. She farted into a puzzle box.

The Story of Farts Great book for kids and adults too. My sister-in-law has had this in her guest bathroom for years. It's always a source of conversation!

An especially fun gift when paired with the plush Walter toy that farts. Kids love to read the story and have the Walter toy "chime in"

Great news for Rednecks: Farting, Burping, Sweating reduce cancer

A French doctor is encouraging his patients to openly fart and burp, and not wear deodorant so they can sweat out toxins.

Great Presidential Farts - George H.W. Bush | Politics

Tons of great farts to listen to. A must! A very complete list of the farts in the world.

If you ever wanted to see a long sequence of kids lighting their farts on fire, this video is for you!


farts are great. um i was borded and i hpoe u like it... farts italy walka poo

Meny girls perform great farting in video.These Farts are Loud and smelly! ... Great farting video "pretty farts10"released!! She can fart loud!! check it

These kids have had millions of strangers watch them fart and voice opinions ranging from

Ergodic Cogitation: What's so great about farts? What's so great about farts? My midget, in all her wisdom, explained that which none of the men could: "Farts are just your butt's way of laughing"

The President farts - a lot. He farts in front of other White House staffers. He likes to joke about farts, cusses constantly and laughs

Farting is the great human equalizer. Just think if an authority figure -- a boss, a teacher, basically anybody older than 30 -- bombed in front of you.

Fascinating Fart Facts -- Wafting Through Great Moments of Wind ... a healthy diet lets out about a quart of gas every day, divided between 10 to 15 farts.

Great commercial woman farts in car

Great commercial woman farts in car Laughter

Great commercial woman farts in car [Archive]

[Archive] Great commercial woman farts in car Laughter

The Great Mate Debate: 1. Communication 2. Trust 3. Farts

That's why farting is great. It's like they said in The Matrix..."sometimes you have to let it all go".

Any suggestions on what I can do to produce massive loud long farts? The key is to be able to produce the great farts without giving myself the runs!

One thing that stands out: accidental farts. Now I know that farting feels great, and is something to be very proud of, but what about those times...

Puppy farts are great practice for when they get to be old dogs. An ill wind from a well-practiced old dog is an amazing thing.

Farts are great. The best ones are the ones that make other people mad because they are so smelly.

Leek and potato soup farts are great. In fact, leeks are great for farts and poos. What, so pooing gives you that "sexual healing" feeling?

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