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Flarf Is Dead

I will mention flarf if I want to, no matter how sick the entire universe, including me, might be of hearing the word. Flarf. Flarf. Flarf!

The irreverence and outrageousness of Flarf rubs some people the wrong way.... Certainly Iíve learned a great deal from each of them, Iíve internalized...

He says his blog is ďa great way to keep up with the geographically distant" and he is a founding member of Flarf, another movement that proliferated on blogs.

Flarfist movement is just a temporary eddy in the great river of poetry. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Has Flarf Gone Mainstream?

flarf is dead they said long live flarf

Flarf is dead. I never liked him very much. If he had a fish, it would be dead right now.

The Flarf poets are coming to town. They are reading together on Good Friday. "Never heard of Flarf?"

Flarf not dead. Flarf born 2001, and in 2006, Flarf getting traction.

The Virtual Dependency of the Post-Avant and the Problematics of Flarf: ...... or that flarf is or is not a proper "movement" or that flarf is simply dead,' ...

Flarf, dead, alive, or trussed up for action clouds some of the current realities of race, immigration and class in the city

"Flarf isn't dead. It isn't even Flarf."

Those interested in posting flarf close readings here should contact the blog administrator

Dj Flarf Butt Crack Breaks $23; Dwarves Blood & Guts $20; Drop Dead Self Titles $24; Water Music Finding Rhythms $18; I Hate Myself...

I sent the first several of these poems to the Flarf Collective listserv and then... a misogynist sociopath, and Tess, a dead-ender with a drug habit...

the next they felt like what might happen if Elizabeth Robinson started writing flarf...

Thinking about anger in flarf. Where it does/doesn't show up.

Flarf is a poetic movement, often associated with generating material... Maybe rock isn't dead. Perhaps it's just gone underground and it's hiding out

New Brutalism group blog has been dead for nearly six months at this point... "Flarf came about a couple of years ago when Gary Sullivan submitted

flarf and sound poetry..... don't laugh. I came across this interesting take on the "good poetry is dead" book industry.

It was the coach of the dead, according to the revelation of the epileptic... And aren't we all these days, buried, in the flarf issue?

I am dead to the world. I am dead. Summer departs and fall comes by cool... Tags : babelfish, flarf poetry, just foolin around, poetry, something new

Even Flarf's sell-by date seems to have passed these days. The emptiness at the heart of these yearbook enumerations and dead-ender creeds...

Even that bullshit flarf is more interesting than hearing folks' journal entries again. "nothing left to do but smile smile smile..." - Grateful Dead

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