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French Toast Of The Gods

French Toast.... OF THE GODS.

   A quick and delicious recipe tweaked from years of experimenting.
   Prep Time:15 minutes per batch
   *important*: make sure you have a proper skillet + burner handy, hot plates 

   Makes 8 slices.

   4 eggs, large
   1 and 1/3 cup 2% or greater milkfat milk
   1/2 tsp. salt
   3 tbsp. white granulated sugar
   1 to 2 tbsp. light brown sugar
   1 tsp. vanilla
   cinnamon pinches, to taste.
   8 slices of texas toast or thick sliced bread, day old [slightly crusty]
   2-3 tsp butter, unsalted


1.In large shallow dish, thoroughly mix first 6 ingredients while meditating upon deliciousness, sweet flavor and the wonderful meal you are about to partake in. Preheat the burner to 200 degrees while you're at it.

2.Once satisfied with your thoughts, apply skillet to burner.

3.Surrender your will to the whims of deliciousness, being sure your actions will result in satisfaction. Add butter to skillet.

4.Dust mixture with cinnamon then stir with a fork for each slice, dip the bread in, applying pressure for 10-20 seconds per side.

5.Cook 10-15 minutes per side. note: if you'd like to have all 8 pieces to present at once, but have only one skillet, placing the finished pieces in the oven at 175 degrees is a good temporary storage option.


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