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Some users have reported some less than ideal results with archived units. After some investigation, it appears that not everyone has the Identity installed or it is installed but does not have proper permissions. The Identity is what allows users to retrieve an archived item by simply double-clicking on it and opening it in a new window. The instructions below are specifically for users. I have checked several machines and most were fine, but I am aware of some that are not.

Please Do the following to determine if your Identity is functioning correctly:

  1. Locate a message that has been archived. All units more than 90 days old should be archived. When you view it in the reading pane, there will be a link in it that looks something like this:


  1. Double click the message in the message list to open it in a new window. There may be a bit of a pause as it retrieves the message and if you are not in the domain, you may be asked to authenticate.
  2. If you see the full message with no retrieval link in it, everything is good and you can stop reading now.
  3. If the window opens and the message is unchanged, it still has the retrieval link in it, then you will need to install the Identity. While it was supposed to be pushed out to everyone, not all machines have gotten it. The Client can be found at:

“\\software\ArchiveClients\Archive One Policy Manager Identity.msi” Make sure you are out when you install it.

  1. After installation start again and try the above test. If it works, all is well.
  2. If Not, Restart your machine and try again. If that does not do the trick, there may be a permissions issue, please follow the instructions.

I will be glad to assist if so desired.


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