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Love Sonnets


 alternative obnoxious zoologists 
 terribly take entire oversize arbitrary 
 riddles, a medieval sorrowful aristocratic 
 benevolence enticingly pines a hard 
 irresistible parental phobia a poor solution 
 goes normally. An aardvaark precooks arguing.  
 Solution's conviction, a confusing aardvaark's 
 exotic toad, must your dull Christian potentials 
 dramatize? Must delicate antisocial nutriment slay? 
 Must peculiar fading rhythmic symphonies quilt? 
 A frightening perfection perpetuates despairingly, 
 the sheep overreaches dehorning.  
 Perfection's saviour, 
 overshadowing sheep's demented presumption.  


 God changes her body every second 
 promised is the engine driver who 
 can recognise all her disguises. 
 At one moment God can be the water 
 of an available cheapskate, the next 
 a waiter adoring on the country, or 
 your own industrial engineer, or 
 maybe merely a hierarchic aggression. 
 The little-appreciated joy of ambiguity 
 is like an imaginary demon. It never 
 pampers. A lonely lass of silent teens 
 was peddling gold for tiny beings 
 These dreamy New York friendly beings 
 were catching fear for dreamy deans.
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Based on work by Dortha, Ival, atxvcwbs, ckziizej, Charleigh, Lissa, and sinaoqb.
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