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Miss Reads-a-lot

i like! big! books and i cannot lie!!
the karamazov brothers can't deny
when foster wallace walks in
with his collected essays
and footnotes in yr face you read
them! wanna get a bookmark
cuz you read from dawn to dark!
deep war & peace i'm readin
or on topics like "pony breeding"!
oh bronte i wanna read jane eyre
and then camus' the stranger!
my lit prof tried to warn me
but i can't put down d-d-don quixote!
OOH!! rub a leather spine,
didja ever read a wrinkle in time?
yr mind will marvel, then ravel,
'cause l'engle's talkin bout time travel!!
i don't wanna seem grinchy
but to hell w/ da vinci!
his code, blowed,
i set fire to it in the road!!
i'm tired of magazines
sayin' eggers is the thing
take the average bookworm and ask her that:
"he's a talentless hack"!
so reader! (yeah?) gentle reader! (yeah?)
did you like the grapes of wrath?
hell yeah!
tell 'em read more
read more
read a whole lot more
books in the stacks

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