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Your goal: cause terror. Make the American people notice. Inflict lasting damage on the ... My idea is a simple one and it has already been proven to work.

I had absolutely NO idea poop was such an issue for so many people! ... like 9 am every. single. long as I drink my thick fiber grapefruit

I find the whole idea no more absurd than any other Big Food innovation lately. ... Maybe there is a Dios: The nasty uptown Gabriela’s is up for auction

Tomorrow morning early Zed and I set out for Middletown CT, the van stuffed with his stuff. My 1993 Grand Voyager may be bigger than the dorm room we're

Keep in mind that hydrogenated oils are in just about every food product you can imagine: ... Spoof: While fruits may be eaten whole, buying canned,

Maybe that's where the idea of afterlife comes from, y'know? ... Of course, there were plenty of food tents, too, and hundreds of people were picnicing on

That whole attitude went away as she listened. A lesson here. ... Storycorps is basically a very simple idea: give people microphones and tape recorders,

His first action will be bring in fresh flowers. People understand those kinds of ... Every morning I freewheel down Bernal Hill squeezing my true buddy—the

The German High Command had used every effort to bolster them with replacements from ... Nasty stuff... at least to those of us who didn't grow up with it.

Maybe it was all the protein I drank last night. Maybe it has to do with Das ... And in going over why I am a dumb shit (for skipping the simple stuff) the

I know I spend at least an hour every morning and evening reading the news and other ... Back when they used real hamburger and made their own bread dough.

"The overall shape of the nucleus resembles a thick hamburger patty with a ... direct cause, so now scientists are looking to see if perhaps a whole host of

It seems to me that it would be a good idea to try to get people like Limbaugh ... And when the going gets tough, the tough - or maybe 'thick' would be a

I found some of the old things as fresh and clear as this morning. ... He's aiming for the root cause instead of just lopping off the whole American

May be used for physical appearance, or as a result of a comic or foolish act. ... bird food: What health nuts and vegetarians eat to gain protein: nuts

Invariable because they all form a system, and signs are used by a whole community… ... psykotikshepherd: insulin interacting with that protein causes those

ok - so maybe working the day before my wedding wasn't the BEST idea - but ... it is so cold in here today i want to die - i feel like those people whose

"We started every day at seven in the morning and didn't quit until we got it done ... Get used to it. People die. No government anywhere can prevent that.

Keep in mind that hydrogenated oils are in just about every food product you can ... Thimerosal is nasty stuff: somebody needs to explain how it was ever

We stocked up on lots of crap like batteries and pet food and various things ... But other stuff is happening. I awoke this morning with some pain in my

lime juice (I use anywhere from a tbsp to the whole thing) ... Maybe what I wanted to say was that I wanted to die this week.

Terri Chavio finally died today. Maybe that will put an end to some of the ... What I DON'T understand is people who seem to think dumb animals are more

Somewhere in the back of my mind I have the idea that more people have died on airplanes because of bombs in checked bags than because of stuff in carry-ons

You may be misreading the study if you are reporting a protein intake that high. ... A lot of people die every morning going to the bathroom.

And if I went out and bought a decent used car, I'd be looking at maybe $100 ... a whole a qualified thumbs up, at least in the rock realm, for the simple

I went totally off my clean diet, and drank alcohol every night. ... So cut out the crap food and eat fresh veggies. No dairy, no wheat, no red meat or pork

At first, I had to force myself to use the nasty shit. ... agencies who may be reading: If you ever, EVER, want me to buy your product, use your service,

What tends to emerge after the dust has died down is a whole lot of nothing. ... Now she’s cooking more fresh food, hardly ever fries anything and prefers

These guys are here every morning along Airline, just south of Beltway 8. ... Don't use anything with chemicals, people! It can cause BRAIN DAMAGE! Bah.

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