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Most Of Our Energy In A Fight Goes To Nerves

	Beavers Defeat lNewton A. C. and Lose to Providence inVWeek End Gaines


	hit saf ely, and the man on first passed
	second and was on his way down to third
	when the fielder let loose a wild throw
	which went over Bill Robinson's head.
	The runner rounded third and came in
	with the first tally. Rhinehart went to
	work on the next man and struck him
	out quickly. The next man doubled, and
	was brought in when the next batter
	singled and went down to second on a
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	0 a



	Beavers Hit Well on Friday
	But Lose Eye Against
	A close and fast 'game was staged
	between The Beavers and the Newton
	A. C. at Newton on Friday afternoon,
	with the Beavers coming out victors by
	a 6-4 score. The Newton team was made
	kip of former college and prep school
	stars, headed by George Owen, 'Harvard
	'23. They played a fine brand of ball,
	but Ingram held the game well in hand,
	and the Tech players found Lyon often
	enough to pull out a victory. Lyon is a
	former Dartmouth player, '23, and
	pitched good ball, but the Beavers seemed
	to have their batting eyes with them, and
	got a number of hits. Captain Mere-
	wether crashed a three bagger into the
	garden, in the sixth inning, and came in
	a minute later, breaking the tie which
	had held f rom the fourth inning. Bill
	Robinson tallied soon after, making the

	Pop'd,rf 4
	We'n,2b 3
	Eat'n,lb 2
	D:wen,3b 3
	Efunt,lf 3
	Sh'w,ss 3
	CIr'ley,cf 3
	Se'v'y,c 2
	Lyon, p 1
	Wood, p 1


	I e.
	1 1 2 0 0
	2 1 1 0 1
	1 3 1 0 1
	0 1 5 0 0
	0 1 2 0 0
	O 0 1 0 0
	0 0 1 2 0
	2 1 5 I I
	0 0 0 2 3






	I .





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	final score 6-4.
	Newton A. C. e.


	0 10 00
	OO002 0
	1 2 3 0
	1 2 000
	0i10  00
	10  11 2
	O0020 0
	10 81 0
	O O21 2
	Of 0  0  O 0

	C'er,cf 3
	R'n,3b 3
	M'er,2 4
	Cr'll,l 3
	N'le~lf 3
	F'y,rf 4
	Fr'nts 2
	Mi'a,c 3
	In'm,p 2

	Tot's 27 6 8 IS 5 6

	I Totals 25 4 .6 IS 5 4

	A wild and error-filled first inning
	wrecked the Beaver's chances of a come-
	back against Providence college in re-
	venge for the 5 inning defeat of the
	previous Saturday.  Frank Rhinehlart,
	who was again on the mount as in the
	previous games, was taken out at the
	end of the first inning after four runs
	had passed the plate. Two more were 
	added to these before the end of the
	game, while the Beavers failed to ad-
	vance a man past second base. Canzfield
	replaced Rhinehart in the second, and
	pitched a fine game, but the damage was
	The first man up for Providence got on
	base on a fielder's error. The next man!

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	Monday, Maty IIt 1925


	Page The

	I ,

	Penn Takes Frosh Event with
	Ease-Tech Yearlings
	Finish Third
	(Continued from Page 1)
	of the crews, but driving power began
	to assert its superiority over grim fight-
	ing spirit and the giants of Harvard and
	Penn left the lighter Tech and Cornell
	eights ill the van.
	A merry tussle waged between the
	two pairs of crews, Harvard fighting it
	out with Penn f or the lead, while seve-
	ral lengths back Tech and Corell stroked
	along on eve terms. At the mile mark
	fate intervened to turn the tide'against
	the Red ad Black cohorts. In pulling
	back on a long stroke, Reeves, number
	6 in the shell, snapped an oarlock, put-
	ting him out of the race as an active.
	member. Reeves threw the oar into the
	sea and swayed back and forth with the
	pacings; of the coxswain in order to keep
	the motion of the skiff.
	Seven valiant teammates increased their
	vigor, but it was without avail.
	Eight powerful Crimson oars were
	more than a match for the crippled Penn
	crew and at the last stage of the race
	sprinted furiously. Fully three lengths
	of shimmering water separated the two
	shells as they drifted across the finish.
	The Engineers, who bad made a splendid
	fight for second place were forced to ac-
	cept third honors. There was less than
	a boat length between the shell of the
	Pennsylvanians and that of the game
	Tech eight. Cornell was hopelessly out
	of the running and finished a length to
	the rear of the Cardinal and Gray boat.
	It was a heart breaking race for the
	Penn crew to lose as they had 'made a
	%wonderful showing in the three events.
	Tech was handicapped by light crews,
	but made their presence known during
	the entire regatta.
	After three -hours of postponements,
	due to the numerous squalls that churned
	the waters of the Charles into a turbu-
	lent sea, the wind died down enough to
	allow the running-of the first race. The
	frosh pushed off at 7 o'clock, the engin-
	eer yearlings jumping to a slight lead at
	the gun. The first half miile was a close
	affair with little to choose between the
	contestants. At this point, however, the
	stalwarts of Pennsylvania pulled away to
	a good length lead with Harvard tagging
	on their heels.
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	Ila rvard Alen Lower Three 
	Records -- ae T hizrtee n
	of Fif tee n Fi r'st P laces
	Leness Runs Great Race Against Watters in
	Half Mile Event- Sanford Takes
	First in Pole Vault
	Winning 13 of the 15 first places and cleaning up more than two
	thirds of the points in every event, the Harvard track team over-
	w helmingly defe'ated the Technology squad in their annual dual
	meet on Soldiers Field by the lop-sided score of 168 9-10 to 56 1-10.
	Hanks Steinbrenner weas the haigh point scorer for Tech, winning
	a first in the low hurdles and a second over the high barriers, for a
	total of nine points.
	880 Record Broken*--
	By far the best contest of the day was CRIM  SON FRO/SH
	in the 88Q when George Leness barely xz s wa
	lost out to John N. Watters, Harvard's BURY TECH '28
	Olympic star, by one foot. It started. x
	out to be George's race but Watters' ex-
	perience, more than any other factor, Chute Breaks Freshman Mile
	caused the victory to be literally snatched  Record   in   Thrilling
	out of the hands of the Engineer. At Cots
	the start of the gun Leness took the'lead ots
	with Watters right at his heels, allowing
	the broad shouldered Engineer to act as  The Technology freshman track team
	his "wind-shield." At the end of the was easily defeated by the Harvard
	first quarter Leness, was clocked in 56 yearlings by the score of 95 1-2 to
	fla whch  rovd tat he unnrs  ere30 1-2 in a dual ineet held on Soldiers
	making good time in the face of a stiffFil  nouco wt th   Vasy
	breeze that was blowing diagonally across meeth. pit  v   wnvr adl
	the stadium. Archibaldby Howard Blurns of Harvard, while G.
	.On the back stretch Watters passed V. Miller of the Tech frosh could noly
	Leness after a brief duet and the latter get a third ill these dashes.
	then endeavored to pass the Crimson Cy Meagher was more successful in
	runner around the curve, running vrery the quarter-mile though he was thrown
	wide while doing this and wasting much ofhis stride several times by Harvard
	energy which decidedly influenced the runners. Dick of M. I. T. was beaten
	outcome. It was a fight then. A heart- out for third place by Peet of thae Crim-
	breaking fight down the homestretch wifliso. Kirwin trailed Al O'Neil of Har-
	Leness greatly weakened by his attempts vard the whole distance in the 880, and
	to pass the Harvard man around the wsdefeated by 10 yards. The win-
	bend. Almost shoulder to shoulder they ners time of 2 minii., 1 2-5 sec., was an
	fought until Watters broke the tapVe about unsual performance for a freshman.
	a foot in front of the Cardinal and Gray  The victory of Captain Eddie Chute
	runner, smashing the dual record of 1m. featured the mile run. Chute followed
	57 4-5s. by four -fifths of a secondl--a closely behind Luttman of Harvard un-
	~~~~~~~~~tuettmnaoftesrglthttcil the homestretch was reached, and
	plae betweenalo the strugl champions.   in a very brilliant finishl he defeated
	plaenr betweent er twocampos.speei   his rival by 15 yards. Chute's time of
	Henr   Stenbrener  as sprem   in4 miin., 36 1-5 sec., officially breaks the
	winning the low hurdles in tne excep- eisting Institute freshman record held
	tional time of 26s. flat. He was opposed by G. H. Reynolds '26 by one-fifth of a
	byv Harvard's best in this event, including second.
	J. Fletcher, F. Kane and L. Robb, who   V. Farwell came within 1-3 of an
	got second, third ad fourth places re- nc  of the freshman record when he
	spectively. His 'performance was vers  eae   5 ft., 8 in., to win first place
	creditable in the high hurdles in which frTech.
	he won second place to J. Fletcher who  The outstanding star of the meet was
	is reputed to be one of the finest hurdlers C. A. Pratt of the Harvard first year
	to represent the Crimson in recent years. men, as he won a total of four first
	The Harvard sprinters were success- places in the field events cleaning up
	ful in cleaning out all the Tech 100;- in the shotput, discus, hamimer, and
	yard runners in the trials, excepting L. javelin.
	B. Copley, who whirled through in a The summnary:
	remarkable finish in the final heat to Onhude-adasWobyH rs
	snatch third place from  Chase of the (H); second, J. 1prosby (H); third, G. Miller
	Crimson forces. ArchibaldTwo hundred and twenty-yard dash-Won by
	Sweep Distanc~e RYNS H. Burns (H); second, L. Brayton (H); third,
	Al Kauzman and Doug Jeppe were G. Miller (T). T~ime23 1-5s.
	the Tech representatives in the final heat  Four hundred and forty-yard run-Won lby
	of the furlong, opposed by four Harvard c. Meagher (T); second, R. Dunn (H); third,
	runners. Lundell led the field down the W. Peet (H). T'ime-2m. I 2-5s.
	stretch with Kauzmnan a close'second and  Eight hundred and eighty-yard run-Won
	Bob Allen of Harvard running third. by A. O'Neil (H); second, P. Kirwvin (T);
	Kauzman ran very powerfully but was third, R. Ryan (H). Time-2m. -1 2-5s. .
	nosed out of second position by Allan,  Mile run- Won by E. Chute (T); second, R.
	Jeppe of Tech fifth. 4m. 36 1-5s.
	The first three places in both the one
	mile and two mile runs were easily taken
	by 'Harvard with no competition from  GOLF Tk.JMA HAS EA^SY'
	the Engineers. Bemis came in third in
	the longer run followed closely by his WIN FRONst BROWN 6-0
	team-mate Bragg, while in the'one mile
	K. A. Smith and R. Butler finished Playting its third match of the year,
	fourth and fifth respectively for Tech. the Technology golf team whitewashed
	Drew Loses Hammer Throw Brown University on the Hatherly course
	M1ajor Sanford in winning the pole at Scituate last Saturday by the score of

	vault tied the dual record for this event 6o0t
	when he cleared the bar at I Ift. 6in.  Ralph W. Head, Captain of the Tech
	Although he won with no competition team, made the best individual score of
	froma the Crimson vaulters, four Har- the   day   while defeating Oxnard of
	vard men were successful in cleaning up Brown 6 up. Horton was the only play-
	the rest of the places. er to give the Engineers any reasonable
	All expectations were overthrown when competition, drawing out his match with
	Captain Chink Drew fouled four of his fohnson of M. I. T. to the nineteenth
	six, trials in the hammer throw and was hole, but there he lost out.
	Only able to save a third place f rom the  The golf team  has already defeated
	wtreck, with a distance of 129 feet. First B. U., but in their match with Harvard
	place was conceded to 'him  by all the they lost 6-0. They play Holy Cross
	dopesters and it was very surprising to  Wednesday and journey to Amherst next
	the spectators when his final distance was Saturday. Easy victories are expected in
	announced.   Glantzberg  in   winning  both matches.
	lourth place did well with a heave of   Smay
	127/ft. 8in. Head (M. I. T.) defeated Oxnard (Brown)
	Captain Drew redeemed himself in the 6-4.
	Xligh Jump when he tied for second place  Edmonds( M.I.T.), defeated H~eall (Browvn)
	sith H. Secrist at 5ft. 8 1-2 in. Blackie-3
	Jones of Harvard broke the dual record  Johnson (M.I.T.) defeated Horton (Browsl)
	with a leap of 5, ft. 10 1-2 'in., that was One up nineteen.
	formerly held by R. S. Greenough of :lkcins (M. I. T.) defeated Guyler (Brown),
	Tech. 4-3.
	Saul Brodsky outdid all his previous   Head and Edmonds defeated Oxnard and
	Heall, 4-3.
	. ~~~~~~Johnson and E~lkins defeated Guyler and
	(Continued on' Page 4) Hofrton, 2-L

	Team Shows Up 'Well Against
	Former College Stars Friday


	-Trade Mark
	Boston, Mass.

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