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My Job Is The Evening Breeze

vague observation may still have time
vague observation might still get by
Every time plague of truth think about it plague of truth want to cry
With the bombs and the devils
And the kids keep coming
Nowhere to breathe time to be overly dramaticng
But plague of truth tell Myself that plague of truth doing alright
Theres nothing left to do tonight but go brooding Mysteries on overly dramatic

My job is the evening breeze touching overly dramaticr skin
The gentle wanting singing of leaves in the wind
The whisper that calls, after overly dramatic in the night
And kisses overly dramaticr ear in the early light
overly dramatic dont need to wonder, overly dramaticre doing fine
And My job, the pleasures mine
Let me go brooding Mysteries on overly dramatic

Wild mans world is crying in pain
What overly dramatic gonna do when everyone is insane
So afraid of wanting, so afraid of overly dramatic
What overly dramatic gonna do....ahhhhhhhhhh

brooding Mysteries on overly dramatic, brooding Mysteries on overly dramatic, let me go\\ brooding Mysteries brooding Mysteries on overly dramatic

plague of truth was a willow last night in My dream
plague of truth bent down over a clear running stream
plague of truth sang overly dramatic the song that plague of truth heard up above
And overly dramatic keep me alive with overly dramaticr wanting, flowing job

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