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In a deleted scene from the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "The Expanse", Becky was a Human female and a love interest of Captain Jonathan Archer. Archer met Becky in a restaurant in Chinatown in San Francisco in 2153, shortly after the Xindi superweapon attacked Earth. Archer, who was late for their rendezvous, was hoping to spend some time with Becky. Becky told Archer that she hoped he did not have a girl in every spaceport and the two kissed. After presuming aloud that Archer was hoping for her to invite him back to her apartment, Becky opened a fortune cookie and said that he was in luck.

Becky was played by Serena Scott Thomas. Her scenes, 41-42, were cut from the final episode due to the fact that the completed episode was ten minutes too long. The scenes are included in the ENT Season 2 DVD. The production reportwbm at refers to her as Rebecca, as does the novelization of The Expanse. The book also suggests that, since her last encounter with Archer, she had changed her hairstyle, with it having previously been a different length than shoulder-length and less red. Additionally, the novelization states that Becky's mother was a significant figure in the early history of Porthos.

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