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Swipe 3

I like the moves on the "edited" font.
Maybe try with the open "a" as well.
Thinking the "S" could be more graceful.

Please spend some time looking at the idea of the motif/logo.
I do think they want a device that would work with the logotype.
I don't know if it is a shape with a graphic inside
or something more simple like the waves you started, but
explore a little more.

Maybe it is a sun shape or a sun made of waves (cheezy?).
Maybe birds – or
something about flow
or that references both park and ocean?
Just throwing things out there.

If it is quicker for you to jot down ideas in word form
as opposed to graphic form, we could also
narrow down ideas that way… then again,
there may only be a couple realistic ideas anyway.

Whatever works best for you.

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