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Todd Voorhies works at Dinerbanski and Ross, the world's largest tax and audit firm. D & R is our go-to corporation -- we like to say that D & R has its own military and is developing an even bigger Internet to topple the existing Internet.

It's called the "DinnerNet."

D & R is the homebase of our corporate workers, and this piece is where Todd (me) converses with Charise Khaski (Kate), the HR director, and Deborah Matzo (Katie), a new character to the D & R family. Deborah will play a larger role in upcoming episodes, and represents a corporate executive with a looming, undefined role.

Microwave Convo plays on the real time idea -- playing the sound of a microwave for over 30 seconds. Hey, it's In Real Time. We bring back Paul Friedman to remind us that show is In Real Time, and establish the running Ferris parody using Todd as Ferris and Deborah as the Rooney foil.

So the setup begins. In the first few minutes of the show, we've been able to establish the hero (Todd), the terrorist (Deborah and Time) and the idea that there will be a host of characters to add jokes (Charise). This sets the stage pretty well... just stay tuned!

You can watch a film version of the moment before this sketch begins on this very website.

It's right over there -----> (well you need to scroll up a little bit, but you get it)

By the by, Charise first appeared in one of the Schadenfreude pilots, conversing at a cubicle with Carla Kumaran (me). Both have appeared in previous episodes as well, and Charise was a fixture in early versions of the D & R staff in Schad stage shows.

One time, when performing at the Heartland Studio Theater in Rogers Park, we faked a corporate training seminar, complete with audience sign-in sheets and power point packets.

The best line of that sketch done so many years ago: Dinnerbanski & Ross stands for Truth, Honesty and Trust.

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