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  1. i can see something, like a wormhole of blue, violet, purple light. after the wormhole like structure cleared, i see many unfamiliar faces, they move so fast like a video camera filming the crowd while cameraman is in the car moving. they are blurred and i think they almost look alike. im experiencing it since i was a child, it scared me. until now ihave that same vision/experience when i concentrate on a particular view, they are clear when it is very dark. i can see it even if i closed my eyes. does anybody having the same experience that i have been experiencing?
  2. Ok guys I did the water thing with the toothpick, nothing, I thought maybe I had a chance because I am kind of intuitive. Sometimes when I am asking someone a question I will know the answer before they give it to me, It works for me often with numbers. But if I think about doing it it doesnt work. WTF!
  3. I want this to work for me all the time, on command :I Anyways does anyone have any reccomendation on what I think about when I am trying to move the toothpick, do I clear my mind or what? Or how about the gift I know I have telepthy how do I sharpen that? Im a salesman that would be a big plus
  4. Envision a tunnel and your mind reaching out through that tunnel to a certain object you are trying to move.I can’t see auras but i can feel their energy.I think when you are angry is the best time for telekenises…maybe just for me…I can sometimes channel my anger to make a force that can move an object.
  5. To whom may concern:
    What goverment agency deals with telekenetics, also
    I am afraid not to control it later.
    Thank you
  6. I have praticed TK and so far nothing has worked.My parents dont believe in it but i can see aura and almost any type of energy.When I dream, the dreams mostly come true and i can sometimes predict the future or what somebody is going to say.I seem to atract phsycics to me(I know 3 underdeveloped phsycics)I would very much like to master TK, also I know that it must be self taught( the person who taught me to see energies cant see them himself)but if U have any tips?
  7. this website has helpen me alot i dont feel like i’m alone anymore. for many years now ive been having wierd feelings and i find the feelings are getting worse. Ive been seeing things since i was like 6 but this past year ive found i can do little things like move little twigs and stuff like that. The creatures ive seen are starting 2 communicate with me. 1 of my friends is a demon hunter and he thinks ive developed abilites to communicate with the dead and the like demons. I’m a lil scared but i wanna noe more and learn how 2 use the abilites to the will og God. But i do wanna get them under controol. if u can help me plzz plzz reply.
  8. I must say 6years old is quite a time. I am an psi-onics teacher learner...seens i was young i have been working with concept of the minds full potential. The only suggestion i have is take time for yourself away from people. A blank room is ideal with nothing but one thing it is a good place to start. Then lay on something warm and confertable. Slowly take sometime to sort your thoughts. It helps if you can see inside your mind. When your thoughts and emotions are clear and your body is clam and needs no food or water at the moment then breath in your nose and out your mouth 10 times each time falling deeper into your world that is your mind. Then when your done put your hands in your mind, in other words visualize not a blurred image of your hands but solid 10 figers and a thumb. Helps to remenber your hands characteristics. Then using your voice within your mind begin saying this command "open all connections and supercharge all neurons". Repeat until you feel your brain humming like a computers electrical system. A good way to confirm this your hands feet and heart will throb in rythem with your voice and your spine will tingle. Then breath deeply 10 times and then open your eyes slowly. It will be harder to concentrate like this because of the information that is coming into your brain don't panic. Stay calm, then tunnel vision on the object your going to move, then give this command "lift up" at the same time use your minds hands and your real hands in grasping upward motion. Breath and swallow don't force it and don't get frustrated keep your emotions locked. If the object does not lift don't get discoraged. Take a break then come back. Depending on your will power and determination the object will lift in time. Staying away from people filters out their voice air vibrations and having nothing to look at gives your mind a fixed target. Pratice with desire and always clear your head. The Mind is like a infinate computer it will store the new information then build itself. Your neurons will connect properly until you master the skill good luck and keep on it.
  9. Envision a tunnel and your mind reaching out through that tunnel to a certain object you are trying to move.I can’t see auras but i can feel their energy.I think when you are angry is the best time for telekenises…maybe just for me…I can sometimes channel my anger to make a force that can move an object.
  10. You wont achieve these powers if you are looking for something to impress your friends.
  11. Research at the library…..find out about Electromagetic and Staticmagetic fields from an episode of the Learning channel…there you will see the “floating” of objects on film….
  12. Has anyone try submind communication with another person?…or has even tried?….This is when two people meditate at the same time and talk with each other…records on paper after its done…then tell each other what they wrote……
  13. Thanks Keith. It’s nice to know that you believe and also are freaking out hairdressers with pyschic tendancies in your part of the world. I’ll check out the stuff from the library but I’d really like to know if anyone has any thoughts about ‘brain power’ and if your avergage joe is using a certain percentage of it, or whether we use the lot of it, or not. You catch my drift right?
  14. Err fabian, how do you destroy a dream?
  15. Alright. Telekinesis is real. Those of you who are just saying “I want to do it because it sounds cool!” should just shut up and go away. It’s not something to impress people with. It’s not something to impress yourself with. Chances are, you don’t even TRULY believe in it.
  16. It’s not a step thing. There aren’t “steps” to telekinesis. Sure, there’s meditation. Sure, there’s convincing yourself. But…you don’t require control in order to do this. Quite frankly, you could be some sort of rampaging bull. It’s just better if you aren’t. ;) Takes lots of practice. Lots of mental strain.
  17. Eh…also, telekinesis is not a form of the devil. O.o;; Sorry, whoever has that idea in their head is totally wrong. It isn’t a form of god, Jesus, or whoever else you choose to worship–it’s a form of yourself. You’re basically just using other means of moving something. *shrug* Not too complicated, when you think about it.
  18. So…telekinesis isn’t taught. That’s true. You can get guidance. You can get happy little bunnies that laugh at you all day long. It doesn’t matter. You don’t teach this stuff. Want a pointer? Practice. Find what works for you. It’s a style thing, like drawing, reading, writing…whatever you do. And if you copy off of someone else’s style…you’ll never advance. ;)
  19. have caused glass to explode. Not by willing it. Only in times of intense anger or frustration. This FRIGHTENS me. Is there any way to control it? I’m not saying it happens often, but just knowing it can happen makes me nervous. Perhaps this “ability”? could be put to better use - or - simply (and probably preferably) squashed. It seems so base. Like some animalistic reaction to an inability to communicate rationally. Is that what it is? If anyone has a similar problem and better yet some advice, please contact me. Tracy
  20. Control is a must…..anyone not believing that is nuts….heh……….ever got mad at someone and think of choking them?…No control would cause death….BUT….thats my 2 cents……….I myself is not a beginer……y it can be taught…everyone with a soul is on a frequency……..but all in all….
  21. Well..hey, telekenesis is a great thing guys and there shouldn’t be anyone who doesn’t want to be able to have it. I, myself have another power i have aquanted from my grandmother. I can predict a little into the future, maybe 3-5 minutes, but it has to be from the top of my mind, because when i start thinkin and looking for better details it doesnt happen.
  22. As well to that, i believe it should come naturally to you, you have to relax and let it flow into your mind. Maybe this wouldn’t help you much with telekenesis, but thats how prediction works..
  23. your al liars and insane patients.
  24. i`m very intertested in moving objects with my mind so if you can give me any help at all i`ll appreciate it. thanks
  25. 1 Excercise that can get you there in developing quickly and that’s called the psi-wheel so please listen and read it. You may need 1 need or a thump tack and sand something to stick the needle on or you could just stick the thump tack.
    Plus a paper cut into 2 inches in each side and fold it in half,then open it then fold it the opposite side,and open.
    and then fold it in a diagonal side and open and then last then the opposite side.
    After that’s finished put the paper on top of the point and don’t think of anything or don’t care if it moves or not you will see results but I’m not sure if you will do it as fast as I did.
    But anyways Good Luck!
  26. ...I discovered the existence of an underground in the United States. The only factor missing is that no laws exist against its function nor is there official persecution and prosecution involved. This underground only occasionally intermingles in part with the world of business, science, politics, academia, and the so-called arts. Furthermore, it definitely is not limited to the United States, but infiltrates all of Western civilization.
  27. When I quote Yoda, I don’t actually believe Yoda because of his FICTIONAL character. I only quote him because every single word in that quote holds true far too often in my practices. By the way for all of you people that want to learn TK, just go to and read some articles that are posted on the site. Psipog is an excellent resource for those who wish to enhance the many ‘psionic’ abilities.
  28. I have been practicing Telikenetics for a while now and I have defentally improved myself. I now have developed my powers into TK; Telepathic suggestion, Astral Projection, OOBE and Lucid Dreaming. However I can teach those who are wiiling to learn but like I said telikenetics needs to be self taught and you need to be aware of all detail that comes with.
  29. for those who want to know about bending a spoon/fork, the answer is YES it can be done. but this does take practice and it took me about 3 weeks of intense practice to be able to bend it with my mind.
  30. Telekinetics is a very interesting subject. I first started developing skills at an early age. My parents would not allow me to do it because they thought it was evil. I could move pencils, pens etc. I also had the ability to see things. You could shuffle a deck of cards and then hold a card in front of me and I could tell you the card. On average I would get 45 right out of 52. I could also tell someone the dates of all the coins they had in there pocket. I went to High School at a Goverment facility that helped me develop more skills. I had the ability at 16 years old to remember groups of up to 60 and 70 both numeric and letter number patterns. I was tested to have an IQ of 243 also at age 16. 1 year 2 monthes ago due to an accident, I now have absolutely no skills. My short term memory is almost completely gone, I will wake up in the morning not remembering even having written this. I guess my point is, I have tried to re-develop my skills and I believe they are gifts, not things that can be developed. For me it has nothing to do with mind over matter, I could do it. Now I can’t. As I believe the sun will rise tommarow, I believe that these powers exist. But not for everybody.
  31. I’ve been researching this telekinetics stuff and I really dont understand it. I try but it never works. Plus Im only 13 and the stuff is pretty confusing- but Im determined to learn it because the best time to learn it is around my age. (I read that somewhere)- anyway I think i’m capable of it but I just need some serious help. email me anyone- plz! thanks in advance. Oh and does anyone know how long you have to practice before moving an object?
  32. you all are weird devil worshipers go to hell or beleve in god it your deision
  33. i belive you can get help with tk with lamda and hypergama posibly alpha brain wave in lamdp or ultr gamma (trust me i know this stuff) you can have shock telekenetics or you fall from the eifle tower and stop your selp from falling
    Posted by: weirdo
  34. I have little experience iam moving a pencil now
  35. I see that many of you have questions about how to focus your abilities and I will tell you this, after teaching many how to focus their abilities you can never do it just one way. I have helped four telekenetics channel their power, two of them used their anger, one used his joy, and one imagined a fire and pushed all of his thoughts to it, then when his mind was empty he was able to do it (that part took three months to master). With Psychics, you just have to concentrate, those of you who can see auras try to focus on what the aura is telling you, the aura itself tells you a lot about a person, not just what they say. It takes a long time and a lot of patience to develop these gifts, but it is very rewarding in the end. I saw in an earlier post a man said he was a salesman, there is one thing I will warn you of. If you use this power to manipulate people it will hurt you, may not be the next day, maybe not even the next year, but it will catch up to you. I know from personal experience. And those who would call you devil worshippers, do not believe them, they are just afraid of the natural gifts you have been given. I am available if anyone wishes to know more or needs help channeling their power. Oh and by the way, those of you who know this name, yes it is me. Odellin Hundai.
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