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The Concept Of This Class

He drags us into the mangroves.

View of back -- looking forward.

For many years now we have known of an artificial sweetener. Which has fewer calories. Which has been used in soft drinks in America since 1968.

Whiteness and coldness are no more in snow than pain.

Do you remember it? Of all deceitful demons of the deep, this same smooth, slippery, cheating ground-swell is the most diabolic. Because, you see, he is a mean imp, an underhanded, unfair, swindling scamp, who takes from you all the glory of endurance. Fair to the eye, plausible as possible, he says to you, "What's the matter? What can you ask brighter than this sky, smoother than this sea, more glossy and calm than these rippling waves? How fortunate that you have such an exceptionally smooth voyage!"

And yet you look around the circle of pale faces fixed in that grim expression of endurance, the hands belonging to them resolutely clasping lemons, -- those looks of unutterable, repressed disgust and endurance.

When I say (blank), I feel (blank).
When I do/say (blank), you seem to (blank).

These constructions are called statements.

This space considered barely in length between any two beings, without considering any thing else between them, is called distance; if considered in length, breadth, and thickness, I think it may be called capacity.

The trees stand like ghosts in the heavy morning mist.

Contact with Eyes

Though whiteness and coldness are no more in snow than pain.

Traversing a vast swamp. A custard apple tree in the foreground.

There's nothing quite as charming as a pretty girl with a broken umbrella.

This resistance, whereby it keeps other bodies out of the space which it possesses, is so great, that no force, how great soever, can surmount it. All the bodies in the world, pressing a drop of water on all sides, will never be able to overcome the resistance which it will make, soft as it is, to their approaching one another.

You folded your arms, arranged yourself across from me. I noticed that you were careful in your aversion from my eyes.

The bus bounced down the street. Over potholes. Around obstacles. Et cetera.

Wistful eyes come in showers.

Where shall we go? How shall we get there?

We have before advertised you, O beloved unknown! That you are welcome, ofttimes cheering, amusing. and undeniably nice; yet we cannot pledge ourselves to answer, except in the gross. An alligator at home.

The sunset was magnificent.

I had nicked myself shaving that morning. You were no where to be found.

Sometimes I hear you on the other end of the phone line. You smack your lips. You sigh. I say nothing because I know you want to be alone with me.

The salt in the air is enough to kill a man. But though whiteness and coldness are no more in snow than pain is, they are real ideas in us.

How the mangrove forms a jungle.

How the mangrove extends a shore line.

The mangrove in detail.

Great bunches of oysters attach themselves to these branches.

Cocoa palms at Marco.

Royal Palms, native to these plantations.

The cane field.

The jacklantern.

The big cypress.

The cane.

A prairie fire.

Our conveniences.

His wife and child.

A medicine man.

The dancing girls. Their dance a rising and falling on the toes.

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