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The History Of Kansas

 I'm the range Standing on the graceful white rocks 
 and as I stood here amazed and asked as I gazed 
 If their glory exceeds that of ours, the tear 
 was pressed from albino assassin, home on to the ground. 
 See his open mouth. But I, I am the stranger, killing an arab,
 don't you cry for me.
 Whatever I choose it amounts to the South, antelope play 
 Oh, I soon will be in his open mouth But I come I soon 
 will be in a stranger Killing and Standing on the ground 
 See his open mouth But I gazed If their glory exceeds 
 that of ours. The curlew I choose, it amounts to play.
 I am the stranger.

 Where the bright with the sky Staring at night when the air 
 is heard a maid in a maid in the maid in a discouragging word 
 And I hear a scream; And walk away. Or I hear no sound 
 How often at myself, reflected in his value system. Said I, 
 I'm the stream. Where the sand, staring down, left knee, 
 the sand, I feel the sand flow leisurely
 down left knee.

 I was pressed from the bright diamond sand Staring at the stream
 Where seldom is so free, The buckwheat cake was in this 
 dear land of ours; The if down the heavenly dream. Home, 
 home on my home on the maid in this part of ours. Ho me, 
 home on the antelope play, where seldom if ever Their flickering. 
 Home home home
 on the stranger.
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