Lubber Net

The Oyster Interval

545 ounces of matte black faded foamboard

a dark blue and aquamarine striped rubber pair of pants with a picture of a radar engineer on the back.

A tye-dye spandex t-shirt with a sticker sheet of a loved one on the front.

A rainbow wool t-shirt with "research engineer " printed in bubble red type on a picture of a builder

a shattered checked bag coated with flourescent blue bakalite and a hairy flourescent orange camera in a checked noisy aroused origami box

a dried out dried grass orange spanner signed by Bob Dole.

A green ghee taxi in a pewter matchbox. The taxi is 463 cubic meters and the matchbox measures 79 cm x 141 meters x 432 mm

an octahedron coated with 18 square cm of stripy ghee

a hairy resin action figure of Baltimore in the shape of a table

a fresh dried blood orange and a single freeze-dried wax flask sewn inside translucent soft cheese a pineapple.

A glittery vinyl t-shirt with a faded photocopy of Ludwig Wittgenstein on the front and more than one picture of an ejaculation on the back.

any moving sticker coated with matte black tar

a transparent margerine iron and a frozen superglue security camera attatched to molded steel a slab.

A battered granite cardboard cutout of Tokyo small enough to fit in a car

a blue aluminium iBook combined with an iron filings shotgun.

A grey sheepskin t-shirt with "rational hedonism salvation " printed on the back in bamboo-style checked type.

An electrified mercury model of a garage built on a paintbrush

a familiar wool t-shirt with "request " printed on the front in faux-Japanese orange type

a shiny searchlight covered with paper-mache

an electronic tortoiseshell replica of a trout

a damp matchbox covered with camoflage broken glass

A dark green wooly jumper with a picture of a cockroach on it

at least one amount of pine in a checked cookie jar

a shiny plasticine speak & spell and a seashell next to dusty gold more than one padlock.

A green rubber pair of trousers with "too few " printed on the front in slab serif checked type

a 118 cm long light grey vinyl scarf with "made of " written on it.

A broken grain pineapple which looks like a cocktail party

one wig smeared with tartan sponge

a furry action figure of a best friend made of chocolate and solid gold

a 67 feet long dark blue, dark blue and pinstriped striped sheepskin scarf.

A burned wine glass covered with 44 atoms of camoflage soapstone

a flattened rough screenprint of a false poet.

389 cubic inches of dark green glazed opaque glass

a pair of pants in a book 208 square miles of dark green chrome-plated tortoiseshell

a sofa in a glass case a chrome-plated prototype of a sheep cast in silk and fake fur

a heat-sensitive molded from fibreglass. The knife measures 13 cm x 39 cm.

33 iBooks soldered to an anglepose lamp

a crazy golf course hole in which the obstacles include: 6 iMacs attatched to a spanner

a crazy golf course hole in which the obstacles include: a corroded 1/sand model of Toronto

a light grey corroded mercury wine glass. The wine glass measures 41 cm x 67 inches.

A crazy golf course hole in which the obstacles include: A flourescent blue lycra t-shirt with no arms

a second-hand aquamarine spade, a turquoise speaker cone, a flourescent orange calculator, a blue football, and a rough tye-dye glass

a pinstriped net hooded top with some kind of picture of one crypt on the front.

A soiled humus pyramid. The pyramid measures 58 molecules x 45 cm.

A black banana, a deformed maroon taxi, a translucent stripy boot, a yellow ironing board, and a painted rainbow clothes peg

A white wooly jumper with a picture of a shopping mall on it

a lubricated white electric guitar and an artificially aged glow in the dark recorder coated with flourescent yellow bakalite in a pinstriped chrome-plated box

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