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For quite a long while I've been researching the Bloomfield and FitzRandolph lines. From the moment Jennifer found Elizabeth Blossom, who married Edward FitzRandolph, I felt powerful connection to her that can't be explained in any earthly way. I've chosen to discover and write her story, and even though we've never met in this life, since she lived in the 1600s, I have had a strong sense of who she is. However, I have been told that Elisabeth Salyer, known as the most reliable researcher of Salyer history, says there is no proof that the Rebecca who married Charles Salyer, Jr. is Rebecca Bloomfield. In fact, many researchers leave Rebecca off the list of the children of Ezekiel Bloomfield and Hope FitzRandolph entirely. As far as I know, I am the only researcher living here, where Rebecca lived all her life, so I've set a goal to find proof either way.

If I can't prove the connection, I am not likely to be related to Elizabeth Blossom. I feel certain I am, however, and I hope to find the proof. How will I do this? I have no idea! I decided to keep this journal of my search. Today, I am starting to make a timeline of Ezekiel and Hope's lives, and then make one of Rebecca and Charles's lives to look for clues and connections. I have started a timeline for Ezekiel and Hope, Rebecca's parents. Here is what I learned:

Ecological vs. environmental economics: Another venue for the same old culture wars?
... Madonna's new son?
Plus: Jennifer Aniston blasts comedy sexism.

Becky's greatest enemy:


To wit:

Becky (age 5)
Jennifer (age 34)
The Becky Module (67)
Becky Hogge, consumer or citizen? (age 23)
Plus: Samson (age 18)

Scroll back up and take a GOOD LOOK at those names, and ages.

"That's all true; but what worries me more is a fire," said Becky.

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