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Encountered Bumps Drunkard

Although Kerouac future, great honor, but he has always experienced ups and downs during his lifetime. From 1951 to 1957, for many publishers rejected Kerouac process, Kerouac's life very poor. He wrote eight novels them on the bag lobbied everywhere, but no one accepted by publishers. The long wait and frustration, Kerouac was mentally and physically exhausted.

The summer 1956, Kerouac accept the work of a fire alert, in Washington, a tower of the most remote forest service. He hoped that in the face of the forest, in the face of nature, to calm down, to restore fatigue. Unfortunately, the days of peace and quiet few days, will succeed him upon flash, the road also led him to alcoholism, and the battle of the forests.

Fame, but desperation Kerouac called the "drunkard." He also wrote a series of 17 novels. Among them, "Bodhidharma bummer," the distraught figures in 1958 describing his years studying Buddhism, the mountains come to the United States looking for "Bodhidharma" read. 1958 description of the "underground man" figures "collapse" of young street life works. "Enlightenment in Paris," 1966 figures were in Paris protagonist narrates the anecdotal 7-9 enlightenment spiritual practices. All of these works will have autobiographical elements, similar to the style and content.

Kerouac seldom have not experienced things, the events will be honest. Novels often lead to heated debates in the sector, Kerouac became scarce accommodation, but also frustration his anger. October 21, 1969, in a bar in Florida, with the population angle after Indulgence, died because of gastrointestinal bleeding.

Kerouac destitute dying, death gained great acclaim, the novel became a kind of youth culture and induction manuals, as a tombstone art shrines, and even legacy once attracted numerous lawsuits, become modern legends.

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