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Flarf Is Great

Did you mean: Farts Are Great ?

You deserve to do whatever you want to do on your blog because Flarf is great.

flarf redefines random. Says Bernstein, "These spam poems have a purpose, unlike the great poetry..."

Perhaps you have been following the recent folderol surrounding Flarf.... On the other hand, the poems themselves are great.

thanks for all the great links guys. ghostface definitely is great. i really like ... Flarf, which I'd never heard of, sounds a bit like the Google poems...

Anyhow, it was a great night, though we were all sad to say goodbye to Kevin... I think what makes Flarf effective is its complete rejection

In the end, I don't think Flarf is great poetry. It's basically a new form of dada, a big F-You to the New Yorker drivel...

Great. Now I Have To Worry About Having My Brain Eaten By Blobs... Flarf poetry has a visual wing.

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