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1. Premature Burial

The first sentence of Chapter 1 by Locke is: "We die."

2. Hunger:

The rest of the first page including the sixth paragraph that begins:

It is also the source of a deep hunger that pervades modern life - a longing for something entirely different from the reality reinforced by everyday experience.

I also liked how "you can be a Great Mom" by buying peanut butter...

3. Page 6 of Chapter 1

Reminded me of Lisa Williams' television ideas in Talking Back to the World that inspired me to imagine something similiar:

Now imagine another magic wire strung from house to house ...during the touching love scene, some joker lobs an off-color aside - and everybody hears it...

4. What is the Web?

The Web isn't primarily a medium for information, marketing or sales. It's a work in which people meet, talk, build, fight, love and play.

5. The human world of stories

This is a book about life. It's about being who you are. Using your own voice. Telling your own story. Being human. It's a book about being a kid again. Writing those stories, making mistakes even, having fun, without fear, saying how you feel. It's a wonderful world to imagine. And in some ways, it doesn't need to be imagined. I feel I have already begun to find it.

6. Desire for the Web

The spiritual lure of the web is the promise of the return of voice.
The longing for the Web occurs in the midst of a profoundly managed age.

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