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Ass To Mouth

am i the only asshole who is up on his online pornography rhetoric!?

ass to ass -- jeremy correct me if i'm off base -- is a play on "ass to mouth" which is a niche interest referring to a special activity involving the "divided attention", during the sex act, of a bi-orafice nature.

long-tail theory not only validates this prediliction for "nasstinass" (sound it out), but opens the possibility for what jeremy is alluding to, the emergence of a new niche interest -- "ass to ass".

none of your poems will remain!!! only online porn will survive web 3.0! we'll have to get driven on google buses to oregon, only the entire state will be built on a cloud and we'll each get 30 minutes of plug in time (and that my friends will be ass to ass!) where our memories will be debugged and stored into a network of computers used by the brasilian dept. of education to communicate with china, where the "real" oregon will be, by the way, and by the time we come around to our next allotment we'll realize that we really should've taken advantage of more facebook apps.

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