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I don't what Marxism your referring to, but your claims about it as a whole couldn't be more flatly wrong. From 1848 on, after the failure of the revolutions, Marx sought to understand the power, intelligence and superior organization of the ruling class (Cf. The 18th Brumaire, The Civil War in France, etc.). From Lenin to Gramsci to Mao to Althusser, from Emma Goldman to Daniel Guerin to Chomsky, just to name a few, most Marxists and anarchists concerned with political action have sought to theorize the power of the state and the dominant class. By default, I'd say, most Marxist and anarchist ideas about the working class assume that this class is less well-organized than the ruling class. And there are whole libraries of books that have sought to critique, for instance, the writers above and understand why previous revolutions have failed -- it's not as if there's been no work done in this field since 1970.

Hugs and Kisses, In the Spirit of Eternal Violet Struggle,

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